In order to work on our joint projects with you in a structured manner, we use the version management and project management platform GitLab for our software projects. On the one hand, this web application can be used to communicate (e.g. errors, requests and discussions) about the project in an issue tracker - a kind of ticket system - and on the other hand it offers the possibility of providing individual wikis or documentation.

For all projects we work on, our customers also benefit from a very special GitLabs tool palette called Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - in short "CI/CD". This collection of techniques and tools is used to enable changes to the source code of your website or web application on the basis of a fully automated integration process into a continuously provided test system.

This allows our customers to view and try out new functions or changes before they are imported into the LIVE system at the push of a button.


Website of the GitLab project:

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